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HIV Policy

An employee who is, or becomes, HIV infected has the right to confidentiality and privacy. HIV infected employees are not obliged to inform management, or any other person in their organisation, of their HIV status.

Electro-Plus does not tolerate any form of discrimination against those infected and affected with HIV and takes all reasonable steps to respect their dignity and their individual human rights

Social dialogue
The successful implementation of an HIV/AIDS policy and programme requires cooperation and trust between employers, employees and their representatives, and government with the active involvement of employees infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Applicants for employment, for any occupation or position, are required to pass a standard pre-placement medical examination which does not include an HIV test

HIV counselling and testing
Electro-Plus encourages all employees to undergo voluntary counselling and HIV testing. We believe that counselling and testing for HIV is a critical intervention that helps to link care and support for those with HIV infection to our broader prevention programmes aimed at turning the tide of the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Information and education programmes on HIV/ AIDS should be made available to all employees and must be appropriately sustained, coordinated and focused. The programmes must be conducted in a manner that takes into account levels of education and literacy and the need to be situated in an appropriate cultural context.